Ti Leaf Plants

The ti leaf or la’i, is a tree like plant that can grow pretty tall, has broad leaves that are used typically by the Hawaiian culture and others for eating, ceremonies, dancing, or decorating. Has a light smell when on the stem, but when heated a pungent odor of rice and something else makes this plant a little hard to be around. Does not smell the same for everyone though. In a spiritual sense this leaf is used for protection against evil spirits and a charm for good luck. They are typically a bright green, but can darkened if heated or frozen. Some leaves have streaks or full coverage of colors like a vivid red, or a golden yellow.

So with this in mind I came up with the idea of making the ti leaf plants able to take on humanoid characteristics. I like to think of these plants as one of the guardians in the Earthly realm. Like any guard, they can be good or bad, depending on how the plant/guard was raised. Still flushing out the ideas overall, but I kind of like using this plant for what it originally used for. I know that is an easy way out, but I like keeping close to the truth when using certain aspects from different cultures.


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