Family Trees

I have attempted to build the family trees in my head (immediately got a headache) and realized that the simple eight cast crew that I wanted to showcase, had intricate lineages and relations. In order to get my characters straight, I pulled my scope back to include a wider view.

In the old days of my story I had four main races each connected to one of the four elements. Each elemental line had a unique ability that only a few members of that line could do, Air, Fire, Earth and Water respectively. I made a fifth race dealing with the spiritual side. With this in mind I had figured out how to have each race excel in a certain part of hula dancing. The people of the air are experts on chanting and singing. The people of the water would be experts in the auana style of dancing; a more graceful style of dance. The people of fire would excel in the kahiko style of dance; a more militant style of dance. The people of the Earth would be experts in greenery; this would include any plant adornment on the dancer. Here is a breakdown:

Air- chanting/singing

Water- auana

Fire- kahiko

Earth- greenery

*Quick note- The auana style of hula dance was influenced by the Western music using instruments such as the ukulele, guitar and or bass. The kahiko style of hula dance is an ancient form of dance that used chanting and traditional instruments, e.g. ipu heke, drums, etc.

The people of the spirit would have the ability to excel in all of the elements; therefore, makes them a well-rounded hula dancer. Also unique to them they would be able to tap into the spiritual side of the people and the land.

Please note that there are many aspects in hula dancing that I have not put in yet. Think of this breakdown as broad categories.

If it is not apparent yet I have decided that the people of Wai Lani are magic casters. To make things interesting the only way someone could be a caster was to perform a ritual asking the Old Ones to grant them the secrets of their ancestors. Each elemental line had their respective gods and rituals unique to them. The other clincher was that these rituals had to be done before the child hit puberty. I am actually debating on whether to make to age limit at six instead of puberty.

Now I realize that some hula dancers may have implements, uli’uli’, pu‘ili, ipu…etc. I was stumped for a while, thinking how I was going to incorporate this in to my story. After sitting for about half an hour it hit me in the head as I was staring at the various crystals in my room. The use of implements can be used as a catalyst to have stronger attacks/spells, just like the crystals do in giving or storing energy.

Oh I had another crazy idea, what would happen if the races started to mix. You can imagine the chaos in the affected abilities. Come to think of it why should they not mix? Maybe because the mixture of lineages would complicate the matters if the child were to be a caster. On the other hand that child would get a nice education on the abilities of their parents. Oh man, that is another headache to sort out.


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