The Naming of the People

*Reminder these are all fiction names. If they some how are reminiscent of anyone or thing, it is pure coincidence.*

I took the time to look up some names that would help understand the people of Wai Lani. These names again are just the main categories that I want to have sub-divisions added on later.

For the people of fire I am calling them Ahi eaea. This literally means fire air or fire breath. Not only are they proficient in kahiko, but they make great political adversaries and produce an amazing display of fireworks. The main groups of Fire Breathers, as the locals call them, lives on Lei Ahi, the Lei of Fire. Symbolically represented by lehua a fiery red flower or volcanoes.

On the island of Lite Falls, the people of water are called Mala’e maka. This means clear eyes; I wanted to play up the transparent look of water with these people. The island is dotted with many waterfalls on this lush environment. Excelling in the auana style, these people are well-known for producing an array of nautical materials and training the best sailors.

The people of the Earth are called Kahuna lapa’au meaning the healers of land/dirt. These gentle people live on the fertile island of Heiau Pae Moku. They are the healers of the islands of Wai Lani. They are incredible crafters and can make any potion to fit your every need.

The people of the air are…undecided at the moment. I am still trying to decide on a proper name that will encompass what and who they are.

Not much is known about the Meheu malama people. The name means Moon trail/walker. Rumors of a sunken island off the coast of Ua Moku proclaim it to be the home of these elusive people.


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