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Flowers for Spring

Flowers for Spring

I have heard that phrase before, someone was talking about wedding stuff or something. I did not understand it at the time, but I think I do now.

I have been pondering lately, something that happens when I have too much coffee or too many naps (yes I take naps), that I could learn all that I was interested in and be a perpetual student for the rest of my life. I would imagine that I could be proficient in all areas of academia, at a masters or doctorate level. I know someone is rolling their eyes at that and that’s fine, because I know that it is a seriously ambitious dream. A dream that I do not have the financial means or the mental capacity/ stamina to complete. I should be happy with what I can achieve, but sometimes I think that I am settling for what I can achieve. It is the doubts of an overly ambitious student at play here.

Philosophically someone will argue that we are always learning and in different ways. That is true, there are some things that cannot be taught, some things that has to be experienced outside a four walled classroom. I recognize that.

I often laugh when I get this deep in thought and always go back to my idea of a degree in being a jack-of-all-trades. I think there is phrase someone told me, “Student of all, master of none.” Well it is a this moment I am glad I am a creative writing major. It is here I can create and be anything, study anything, because the farther the research, the more realistic the story. Oh and research is not limited to the classroom.

People sometimes ask me why I write. I would tell them, it is so I can have a voice. So I can be heard. Lately it has evolved to include my ambition to study everything, and stay relatively sane. Well, as sane as creative writer can be. This tired monologue brought to you by: Looking Up Classes for Summer and Fall Semesters of 2015.

Cheers 🙂