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Study materials

Study materials

Occasionally I wonder what is my intention with getting a degree in creative writing. Often I get discouraged when I see how long it takes to get a single draft of a single book, which may or may not ever be published. Watching my fellow writer friends, who have been in this process a lot longer than I have, I wonder what drives them to pursue such a crazy idea of selling our imaginations through text.

I recently wrote a paper about a course justification, whether to add, keep, or reject a course from the English undergrad program. The main idea was how this potential class benefit student’s life would after college. So I argued for adding a cultural anthropology class to the program. The main idea was, “if the functionality of a realistic culture is understood, then the creative writing student can create a realistic story. Using the patterns and understanding of the cultural society in the real world, the result is a well-connected writer with the ability to suspend reality for a brief moment in history.” I am of course quoting myself here.

This paper has been on my mind and for some reason after debating the merits of this particular class, I now want to minor in anthropology. If I wanted a more specific area of study I would have to double major in creative writing and cultural anthropology. Yea that is just an idea for the moment. On the flip side I think that the double major would help my writing exponentially. Oh well, food for thought.

In other rambling news I have a new idea for my latest short story that would expand it into a novella. Actually, now that I think about it, the short I submitted was well on its way to becoming a novella anyway. Yay extended versions! So a little update and wandering thoughts on writing today.
Cheers 🙂