So here is a teaser of what I have been up to writing wise. This is an excerpt from my short story, Dancing on My Heart. This will appear in the next Ambage Anthology coming out soon. I Hope you like it and all that jazz.
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Part One

It had been two months since The Temple installed her here at the Arias Manor in Lakeview Valley. Two blasted months. It was close to the beginning of Fall. The trees were beginning to turn, the air starting to leave a bite of cold.

It was a regular day at The Temple. The trainees were being thrown across the workout room. A few of the senior agents were in weapons training in another room. The Temple priest caught her before she started her own weapons session and presented her with the mission papers. Concealing her annoyance, she skimmed the outline of the job. The client –the name was of course blacked out– wanted the target to be eliminated silently. However, the specifications required the agent to take the target from the inside.

“Who is the target, Father?” She folded the parchment, tucking it into her belt.

“The client wanted complete discretion on the job,” he intoned. Which she translated into, getting the target’s name on “site.”

The Temple normally dealt with the deaths of evil men and women, who were not fit for the safety of a society. The way her missions went usually started with a name, a location and ended with a body. Her assignments normally lasted at most, three weeks, given the research and travel she had to do. She was used to that.

This last-minute mission that was supposed to have ended five weeks ago, had turned into a full-blown undercover assignment. She took it because the pay was more than enough to help her disappear, to get out of The Temple’s service.

So a carriage ride from The Temple, through Mountain Side City, and into Lakeview Valley, had her on the service doorstep of the Arias Manor within the week. Forged papers in hand, her transition into the staff went smoothly. The Temple assured her of compensation, although she was leery about their promises lately. Call it a hunch. They had yet to supply her with a name for the target.

She hummed a lullaby to herself while she got lost in the mindless chore of polishing the silver in her office. The Temple priest assured her a high position in the Arias Manor, and she did not mind dressing as a man to get it. It was not the first assignment where she’d been given a male role, and as head butler she was allowed her own work space and control over the lower staff as well as freedom to move freely throughout the manor.

Instincts had her listening with half an ear. The kitchens and other servant stations were quiet. It was faire-day the square. A pleasant affair she was told. She let the staff take the night off, giving them and her a break from everything.

With everyone out of the house, she was able to be herself for a few minutes. It was a relief to do so. Lyeana pondered what her employers were doing. If they were enjoying themselves. She should not have been thinking along such lines. It could emotionally compromise her and the outcome of her assignment.

The Temple Masters had given her the skills to blend in seamlessly into any society, kill efficiently and get away quietly. Earlier in her training, the masters were worried she would not be able to cope with the demands of the job and would have to be retired. She knew what retired meant: death. She did not survive her younger years to be killed in her prime. She was not ready for that. She learned not to question why a target needed to be eliminated, the reason did not matter. The job was all that mattered.