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I am pretty sure there is some writer’s prison I am a part of for neglecting my novel. Sad, but true, I have been on the busy side lately. However my recent writing endeavors have been focused on a short story on the ins-and-outs of being a performer, so to speak. At some point or another, I have noticed that a lot of the stories I am drawn to are the ones where the author has either a brilliant imagination, or they use their past experience to enhance the story. I have decided to try my hand at this short story for two reasons. One, to give my novel a break and recharge. (That is due to the need for more research…hello trip to Hawaii.) Second, to hone my short story skills. We all know, if you have seen some of my earlier posts, that I over think my plots. So this little project, if you will excuse the pun, will be interesting. My goal is to have the 1st draft by the end of May. I hope to finish this on time, in order to share the story with you. Hope you all are well.

Cheers 🙂