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So I may have taken the whole creating my character a little too far. I started gathering garments that would make up the daily things that Mahina would wear. This started out as a Renaissance Pleasure Faire costume idea, but then it morphed into cosplaying my own character. If you check out my Twitter you see a picture of what I have so far. Now I am getting the idea to start making clothing for all of my main characters. Oh boy I can feel the headache coming on already. In hindsight I will probably do this later when all of the characters are solidified within their roles.

Oh, I looked back at my early posts and saw that I had mentioned my novel is in three parts. Well you can ignore that, because it grew into four separate books. One of my side characters, (Xiomara) wanted their own book. So, instead of three parts, it is now four books. I am excited and tired at the prospect, but I know that this is all part of the process. Growing and things. 🙂