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So all the times I was taught something, be it dancing, music, or even writing; it would be broken down into big chunks, and then later, smaller chunks, and so forth, until I would learn the tiny details that would give me a complete understanding of the subject.

In trying to find a comfortable writing rhythm, this process never occurred to me. I would always try someone else’s writing process, well because it worked for them and countless others. I recently finished up a dance recital, and all of the dances that I had learned was taken through the process mentioned earlier.

I mention this, because as I finished a summary of a chapter that has been holding me hostage, I realized that bulk of my writing was done like this; big chunks, then smaller, and smaller, until I was finished. It was only when I tried smashing all of the details into one writing session, that my creativity suffered and I could not finish writing my chapter or scene. I am glad to have found my rhythm of writing. Now hopefully my next chapter will not take me a month to figure out. 🙂