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1000714_10151812466097868_1303310881_nThe actual moment I realized that I would be writing novels happened in an intro to creative writing class. I had submitted a short story that had the arc, plot, characters, setting, etc. you get the idea, and when it was time to workshop the piece I was told that my ideas were to grand. The overall arch fit the structure of a novel. I was genuinely puzzled by this because I could not think of anything else to add to the supposed short story. So I took it back, looked it over and what do you know, they were right.

So after letting that sit with me for a month or two I tried my hand again at another short story. This time before I let anyone see it I re-read it and saw that I had done it again. SO…I tried taking the novel class and have been hooked ever since. This was a great relief to find my little niche story wise. The only sad part is I keep finding my self attempting to write short stories and then they end up becoming another budding novel idea.

I got the sign that I am meant to write novels after the 17th attempt. Now my problem is just finishing them all. This happens a lot.