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Coffee, Laptop, and a BookstoreAt the end of the day I find myself, if not always, at odds with the advice that I have been given or had eavesdropped on shamelessly. Lately I do not know what to do with the lectures that are aimed at me with the force of a cannon, although with good intent to help, as they always seemed to contradict what I have been told previously. As a hopeful novelist/ writer I hope to make sense of all of the seemingly barge of advice before I give up on what could be the most amazing part of my adventure as a writer. I will occasionally post the odd comment here of there, but ultimately the majority of the posts and random picture will be geared towards the culmination of my current novel I am attempting to finish before the next year. Briefly my idea is a three-part fantasy novel, (not a trilogy, more like one big story broken up into three parts) loosely based on Hawaiian mythology and other influences that have made my life a bit more interesting. If at the end of the day you are still with me, I hope that this side adventure will have been worth the time to read. 🙂